Hi folks, Grady Wayne here again. Okay, I think everybody has a pretty good general idea of what we were talking about when we say lap dance. But I think it’s worthwhile to give a few quick suggestions and reminders for those you might not be quite as experienced.
Generally speaking, a lot of us are pretty well-versed in going to the strip club and watching the girls dance on the stage. They make the rounds and try to entertain everyone standing on the stage waiting to make their donation toward a hardworking girl’s college education. Hopefully, you’ve got at least $2 to $5 in your hand. The days of doing this a dollar at a time are long gone. (Inflation, man.)
Then you have the table dance which gives you a bit more personal attention for the entire length of one song, or more if you’re up for it. A little bit cooler but still pretty public.
Next, you have the private lap dance, in the back room. You’re typically on a couch or wide chair with at least some room to yourself, but often you’re in the Champagne Room and there are still a lot of other guys and dancers around, and you’re still faced with a security guy watching over you, as you try to enjoy your one dance with the stripper you’ve been watching all night long. and God knows if you get too handsy, he’ll be happy to let you know about it.
In Vegas, the next step up is the private dance room, behind closed doors. But for the price you pay to get in that little room for half an hour, I’m going to STRONGLY suggest you take my recommendation and hire a private stripper instead. Please trust me when I say you’ll be a lot happier with this experience. after having done both, I’ll never spend the money on the private room in a strip club again.
So all that being said, here’s the beauty of the lap dance. Do you know these girls actually it’s been quite a bit of time practicing their moves and giving considerable thought to the most perfect ways to use their body, dance for you, grind up against you, and generally drive you crazy better than any other one on this planet knows how to do?! I mean think about that for a minute. These gorgeous and talented girls spend their time literally just figuring out new ways to turn you on. It’s one of the greatest things about strippers. It’s why we love them. It’s “clear communication between a woman and a man…or a woman and a woman or couple for that matter.  
Have you ever noticed how women love massages but they always complain that after a man gives them a massage he instantly wants sex? Women love attention and pampering especially when there’s not an expectation of sex afterward. And it’s kind of the same with a lap dance. These girls love turning you on. They love knowing they’re driving you crazy. They love your attention, your praise, your adoration oh, and they’re willing to give you a lot of affection in return for it with that safety-net of knowing you don’t have to “do the deed” afterward. As a matter of fact, I would say they are probably more likely to do a substantially better job I’ve turning you on and giving you affection, specifically because of that fact.
As an author who seeks out experiences and as a man who loves women, I can tell you that I’ve spent considerable time with both strippers and prostitutes. And believe me, strippers you don’t have to have sex afterward how about a million times better and more apt to give you their best performance than a prostitute who knows that her work is done as soon as you finish what you came to do. That being said, I’ve also had a few experiences where a dancer decided to leave work for the night and come home with me instead. And those, my friends, have been some of the best nights of my life.
Dancers love their sexuality. It’s why they chose the job. Sure the money is great. But it’s long hours, and it’s hard work. And a girl’s not going to do it unless she’s pretty proud of her sexuality and comfortable expressing it. And the great thing for folks like you and me is being on the receiving end of that sexuality.
So knowing what you know now, what’s the best way to enjoy and get the most out of your lap dance? Here are a few tips.
Be appreciative. Let them know when they’re doing a good job. Let them know how much you love it. Let them know which parts you like the most. Compliment their body. Compliment their moves. Let them know if they do something unique that no one else has done for you. Recently in Key West, Florida I had a fantastic lap dance from a gorgeous dancer with amazing moves. And if she danced there above me I whispered praise in her ear, while she was grinding on my leg. Her grinding got stronger and faster and I just kept talking to her until eventually she climaxed, there on my now wet thigh, and collapsed into me trembling. I never even touched her. There’s a beautiful give and take in a lap dance.
Look her in the eyes, if that’s what she likes. Some girls won’t look at you. But the best will be watching for your reaction. Give her what she wants, and she’ll give you what you want.
Gently test the waters with physical contact. Most girls have rules in their minds about exactly what they are willing to let you do. Some of them may let you touch their thighs. Some may enjoy your hands around their waist. Some may even let you touch their breasts or here, but those are pretty intimate so don’t be surprised if you get your hands pushed away. BE A GENTLEMAN. Don’t you dare try to go back or push the issue, if you’ve been told “no” once. I terribly regretted the choice one time to spank a stripper on the butt, because she seemed like she would be into it. She had been pretty aggressive physically, and I was responding pretty aggressively. We were both enjoying ourselves immensely, and everything was cool until that moment. It triggered something in her and she nearly cried. Then she politely asked security to politely ask me to leave. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I’m not upset that I had to leave the club. I deserved that. I’m upset that I upset her, and she didn’t deserve that.
Finally, tip well. You’ve got a girl there, whose entire mission is to turn you on and please you. And she deserves to be paid well to do so. If you took a girl out on a date and bought her dinner and drinks to get that turned on, how much money would you drop? Strippers are a bargain compared to regular dating. So don’t be a cheapskate when it comes time to tip.
There you have it folks. Grady’s guide to lap dances. Hire your private dancers and enjoy!