All right folks, we had so many comments and requests after the last article (check that one out here) that I decided I should probably elaborate on this particular topic. So what really is the difference, you’re wondering? Why would you want to hire a private stripper for your party instead of just going to a strip club?
So here you go…Grady Wayne’s guide to private stripper parties.

Strippers for Private Parties

We’ve all been there. Most of us started going to strip clubs when we were either 18 or 21. I’m not going to spend a lot of time explaining how those work, obviously.
The big question is, what makes a Private Dancer a better experience than the strip club? I mean both of them have naked women whose entire focus for the night is to get you aroused, with you knowing damn good and well you’re most likely not going to end up putting your hard parts inside their soft parts later. (Although this particular author has taken home a few of both the private as well as the club variety of dancer. And let me assure you, if you get the chance, you should definitely do so. They are even more mind blowing sexual “off the clock” than they are when they’re working.)
But the beauty of a stripper is the honesty in the transaction. For instance a lot of guys are married or have a girlfriend. You know full well there’s a very good chance things could go south, if you picked up an escort or working girl for the night rather than a dancer who gets you excited and makes you happy, but stops short of doing the part that might get you in trouble, legally or at the very least relationship-wise.
So instead we opt for strippers. And most guys, who aren’t as imaginative as you, will go down to the strip club, pile in among a thousand other guys with the same thing on their minds, and spend three times as much money for one-tenth of the fun you can have with a private dancer.
And that’s where this article really begins. The big difference in hiring a private dancer is twofold…firstly the cost, and secondly the level of interaction.
Because I’m writing this article for some friends in Las Vegas, I’m going to assume you’re either already there or thinking about going. Based on that assumption, here’s what you’ll find when you go looking for naked female fun.
Let’s firstly deal with the cost differential – unless money isn’t an issue, in which case you should just skip to the next portion of the article.
Last time I went to one of the big-name strip clubs in Vegas, for a divorce party (which someone considerably less experienced had organized), it was $40 to get in the door. That’s $40 each for me and each one of my buddies. What we spent in cover charges alone would have covered at least one private dancer.
Then there were the drinks. Once again, we could have picked up our favorite adult beverages, stayed in the hotel, and still had enough money left over to hire a couple of dancers, solely dedicated to our fun for that night.
Lastly, one particular girl truly caught my attention. You know that stripper, who for some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to than you probably should? Yeah, well she got me. Getting into the back room for a dance with her was $250. Yes $250 just to walk through the door. And I paid it, because I had “other things” on my mind.
Next we had a couple of dances, each paid for separately and in addition to the first lap dance and the $250, to get into the VIP room. Lastly she suggested we go to a totally private room where we could do “whatever we wanted.” That was another $600.
I opted out at this point. I wasn’t in the mood to drop $1,000 all together, for one hour in a shitty room, in the back of a strip club, where something may or may not even happen, because we all know that actual prostitution is legal in the next county over, but illegal in Vegas.
As I was leaving, the bartender kindly charged me for my “complimentary drink.” And the enormous door guy wouldn’t let me out of the room without forking over a $50 tip for him. It was the last time I ever let anyone talk me into going to a Vegas strip club. Nothing but private dancers for me, from that point forward. And I suppose that’s why they asked me to write this article for you about why you should hire a private dancer, instead of going to the club like everyone else.
So let’s say cost isn’t an issue. Then we come to an even more important reason to hire a private dancer – level of service and interaction, a.k.a. sexy fun.

Rules for Strippers at Private House Parties (or Hotels)

Again we’ve all been to a strip club. You have a big boss keeping an eye on everyone. Even if you have a really sexy stripper who is all about you having your hands all over her body, she is immediately reprimanded by a guy you definitely don’t want to mess with.
The dances are public at the table. And they are only semi-private in the back room. On top of that, you have to ask for each one individually and pay for each one individually. Lame!
I’ll take it a step further. Even if you find a dancer who you are “really into,” she is unfortunately equally into finding any other guy who’s willing to spend more on her than you are. You’re just a number. So you have markedly less than her undivided attention. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dancer who wasn’t distracted by a thousand other guys?
My friend, you can hire freelance strippers for private parties. There is no “Pit Boss” telling them what they can and cannot do. They set their own rules. And if you are smart, you will have a little chat with them ahead of time and find out what those rules are. Because they might go considerably further than you would imagine.
I can’t speak for any other booking companies or any other dancers’ rules obviously, but one of my favorite private parties was when we all got to watch the two dancers get so turned on by each other, that they ended up fucking each other really intensely on the couch, on the floor, on the counter. It was glorious!
In addition to all that, one of them had absolutely no problem in her set of rules with very personal contact, short of sexual penetration. And she was all about making it a memorable night for the guest of honor. Needless to say, my buddy had a bachelor party he has never forgotten.
Sexual penetration is almost certainly off the table, for any girl who cares about her job enough to go to the trouble of getting a background check and a license from the county. But she is free to set her own rules for anything short of “the deed.”
So whether you take these two aforementioned issues combined or separately – whether you’re considering how much money you will save by hiring private dancers or what an incredibly greater time you will have with private dancers, I do not hesitate to tell you that you are better off skipping the strip club.
Now if you are inexperienced as to how to do this, let me leave you with some important parting words.

Should You Tip Strippers for Private Parties?

I’m surprised when people ask me about this. But I suppose if you’ve never done it, you need someone to educate you the first time.
Think about the fact that these girls are going to give up most likely their entire night just for your party. Now think about the fact that they work for a service company (see the notes below) who keeps a percentage of the money they work so hard to earn.
These girls have decided that they are too high quality to work at a regular club “for your tips and your tips alone.” You’ve hired professionals, and you’re going to get a professional job. This is their full-time income. And trust me, they’re going to work very hard to earn it.
Because you read the earlier part of this article, and you understand that you’re actually saving a lot of money by hiring them privately and getting a considerably superior service in the process, my strong opinion is that you should share some of that money with them, to show them they did their job well.

Companies that Hire Strippers for Private Parties

Before I leave you with your imagination of everything that might go down at a party like this, let me finish with one final note. I don’t want to, for one second, seem disparaging or discouraging about the booking companies, because they provide a very valuable service as well. Let me tell you a little bit about how this works in Vegas.
I don’t know how many times you’ve been to Vegas. But I’ve been a lot. Every time you walk down pretty much any street, you’re going to be pestered by peddlers trying to hand you flyers for girls for hire.
In my opinion, other than the sparkly lights, it is the most noticeably ubiquitous things about Vegas. So being the type of man who enjoys the company of this type of ladies, I started checking into these services.
Once again, my goal is not to be disparaging of anyone. So instead I will frame this in a positive suggestion.
Do your research. Look at the websites of different companies who book private strippers for home parties or hotels.
You will be able to realize pretty quickly that some of them are “fly-by-night” hucksters at best. And Jeebus only knows what you’re going to get showing up at your door.
If you want to have a great party with beautiful and talented girls, take just a little bit of time to choose your booking company wisely. Some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met were in Las Vegas, and I met them in precisely this way.
All the best to you, my friends. Tell the ladies I said hi.