May 18, 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

To start we have you  call our toll-free number (702) 907-7711 

Tell us the types of girls you’re into, if you’re unsure we can help you through the whole selection process.

We’ll text you photos of the girls that are on stand by RIGHT NOW. They’re real photos of the gorgeous women who will actually show up guaranteed. (And yes, they really are that hot. Our clientel have above average standards.

Payments are in cash.

Due to the presence of alchohol all of our girls are atleast 21. This is due to the parties and body shots are part of the show.

We are not an escort agency, and our girls will never perform sexual acts for money. They are however, some of the hottest strippers you’ve ever seen. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, and very actively enforced by vice operations. But its completely legal in the next county over. (Nevada is the only state with legalized prostitution.)  So why risk getting yourself arrested?

All of our girls have valid business licenses, and work as independent contractors. 

All of our girls have a sheriff’s card (work card) to prove they are a professional stripper, and not just some random girl off the sreet. That’s important because in order to get a Sheriff’s card, every girl must go down to the police station and get a background check. They also cannot have been convicted of a felony. Don’t make the mistake of hiring random, unlicensed girls!

Each dancer will have their own limitations as to how much physical contact can be made. 

Discuss with your stripper and have the rules established ahead of time.

Stripper etiquette

As you can see, we have rules set here to protect you and make your  Vegas trip something you’ll never forget….. But not for the wrong reasons!

You won’t regret calling our phone number. Our girls have years of experience making sure you have one of the wildest, fully-nude parties you’ve ever imagined