When people think of strippers their minds instantly picture a sexy girl wearing a cop outfit with handcuffs ready to be slapped on to the first guy they can get ahold of, why? Because women in anything that barely covers there body that deals with role-playing is every man’s fantasy. Thank you modern-day America television for that one.
It should come as a no brainer when it is time to have strippers for your best friend’s bachelor party that you make these girls dress in all of the classic fantasy costumes that can make any man have a little drool dripping down the side of their chin.
Just to be on the safe side of things, we will cover many of the most desired costumes you want your strippers to be wearing on your best buds big night…I mean second big night. 😉


Oh yes, the heart pumping short skirt outfit that makes any guy go from six to midnight real quick. There are many variations of this outfit but the end result is always the same, leaving you wanting more.
The classic red lined outfit with all of her skin showing is iconic and necessary. We can’t forget the little hat and stethoscope for her to hear your heart beating right out of your chest. It’s ok, we have all been there.


You better be ready for this one when she arrives. The attitude follows with the role which is always beyond sexy to watch a woman blow a whistle and tell your ass to sit down in a chair seconds before she starts taking her clothes off. This one is simple yet effective.


Ahh, the classic policewoman I had mentioned earlier. Tighter shinny leather suite that makes you beg for her to handcuff you to a chair and spank your ass with her “club”. This is THE iconic costume seen more than any of the others throughout movies, TV shows, and Halloween parties. It’s no wonder why us men love seeing this one playout all the way to the end, which may be never.


Yesssss this is such a classic and a very close second to the Policewoman outfit. Pigtails(or poney tail), lollypop in mouth, tight white shirt tied up showing that tight sexy stomach with the short plaid skirt that just barely covers the bottom of her ass cheeks and to top it all off the white sexy knee-high socks….thank you very much I’ll take two, please.


The devil herself. You can never go wrong with a beautiful woman walking into your room in the sexiest red lingerie, horns in her hair, red heels, and a pitchfork in hand ready to make you crawl your way across the room to get the lap dance of your life. Make sure your hotel room’s ice bucket is topped off before she arrives, you are going to need it.


Sale petit garcon…that’s French for “you dirty little boy”.
You would think this one would come to clean you up, wrong. She arrives ready to make a mess in your pants. Hair tied up into a bun, wearing a sexy little maid dress,  black gloves up to her elbow, fishnets black heels and her little duster to top it all off. Don’t get fooled by her sweet little voice and cute outfit boys, she knows how to work a room.


The rave girl outfit is fairly new to the scene. We usually only see this neon babe come out to play when EDC Las Vegas comes to town. Never the less her bright colors and overly slutty attire is determined to make sure you have one wild party!


This is an unusual topic but what the hell let’s jump in.
Having a bag of goodies both for your group and the strippers could make for an interesting addition to the night. Topped it off with glow sticks, balloons, shot glass necklaces, candy for the girls to have fun with(edible necklaces are always a good choice), alcohol, blindfolds, and any other wild shit you can think of.  I know our girls will get into that bag of goodies and make use of it in any way possible.