Our services here at Party With Strippers are pretty well known- the hottest strippers on the Las Vegas strip delivered to your front door- but we also have a number of packages for you so that you can enjoy the luxury of beautiful babes in your home or hotel without hurting your wallet too badly.
Our many packages are designed to ensure that your experience is tailored to the style of entertainment that you’re craving, and can also ensure that, in the event of a party or occasion for celebration, our girls will make the party an unforgettable experience. From our generous Bachelor Party Package, designed to give one man the last taste of freedom on the Las Vegas Strip to the Divorce Party, for those who are recently unshackled, we have pre and post-wedding options. We also have Girl-on-Girl parties for those who truly appreciate the female form, and the ultimate package for those who want to live the high life, the Wet Dream package, a true celebration of the sensual and tactile nature of Las Vegas.
The first of our many packages, the Bachelor Party is sure to excite your stag before he gets shackled up for the rest of his adult life. If you are planning the ultimate going away party for your best friend before he gets married, you can do no wrong with our ultimate indulgence in pre-marriage naughtiness. At Party With Strippers, we recognize the importance of really giving your buddy a proper sendoff. That’s why when you order our services, we give you a show so graphic and sexual from the hottest ladies in the City of Sin that it can’t be shown in clubs or on the floor- that’s why we come to you. Our ladies are delivered directly to your front door in order to provide your buddy with that one last night that he’ll so desperately need.
Of course, it’s probably best that the misses don’t find out about it, which is why we employ such stringent discretionary measures in order to ensure that your Bachelor party is kept on the down-low to anybody who isn’t present. We understand that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and it’s our guarantee that the wild parties that are sure to ensue remain secret.
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, our divorce package is for those who might be feeling low and need a little company after they lose the ball and chain of marriage. What these guys often fail to realize is that they’re free, unshackled, and ready to be shown a good time by the sexiest strippers this side of the Mississippi (or on either side, frankly). Our divorce package is sure to improve the mood of the lucky newly-single guy in your group, and to give him such a good time that he forgets what he was down about, to begin with, all from the comfort of his own home- or hotel room, as the case may very well be.
The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, but that doesn’t have to mean food. Our topless bartenders are here to make sure that the achy-breaky heart of a new divorcee can be mended with alcohol. One of the many services we provide can be yours for a very reasonable price with the Divorce party package so that the newly-freed buddy in your group can start feeling like a man again as soon as possible.
Another of our many packages which might interest the particular tastes of the Las Vegas high class is the esteemed “Girl-on-Girl” package. We live now in a more enlightened age, an age in which the rights of those who choose to indulge in the pleasures of sexual relationships with others of the same sex are a more commonly accepted thing- and now you can benefit from these more open-minded times as well, with the Girl-on-Girl package, in which two of PWS’ hottest ladies will get more intimate with each other than you’d ever see in the comparatively tame culture of the rest of the strip. This includes toys and body shots, among an assortment of other lewd acts done for your viewing pleasure. Additionally, Party with Strippers has a wide variety of options to choose from so that, should you have a particular request for the type of girl you’d like to see in the show, your desires can be fulfilled as easily as sending a text message. If your preferred method of entertainment involves two of Las Vegas’ most alluring ladies getting each other off just for you, then look no further, because PWS aims to please with Las Vegas’ top private stripper company.
Finally, there’s the Wet Dream package. Those of a more discerning taste might find this to be the premier choice for their private viewing party, as it includes our company pulling out all of the stops to make sure that your Vegas vacation is a truly unforgettable experience, with all of the perks of the Girl-on-Girl package and the other benefits that have been discussed, all completed with the cherry on top that is a nice soak in a bubble bath. If you want to truly pamper yourself while relaxing in the City of Sin, then there’s no question about it- you need to order the Wet Dream package from us. It’s worth it.
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