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Our female strippers are ready to help you celebrate any occasion. The ideas are endless and we are prepared to provide a night you will remember forever.

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Bachelor parties are definitely the first thing that comes to mind, when everyone thinks of strippers. That’s because everybody knows you should never have a bachelor party without private strippers! The experience is vastly superior to any strip club experience.

If this bachelor party is important to you, don’t make the mistake of missing out on this important part of the celebration.  Be sure to contact us for your private stripper needs. You and all your friends will be thankful you did.

It can be so difficult to think of something unique to do for a birthday. Your birthday comes around every year. It’s not like your bachelor party that you only have once in your life. (We hope.) Don’t throw another boring birthday party. Make this the year you step it up a notch, and do something extraordinary. 

And especially if you’re planning a birthday party for a friend, make this the year he’ll never forget. This year you can be the hero, and hire our private dancers to entertain your birthday boy and all your friends.

This is one of the most fun and exciting orders we get for our private strippers. And the dancers love entertaining couples. Think of it this way. 

Whether you’re a new couple on fire with passion and excitement, or a  long-term couple who’s been together until you’re looking for some additional spice, it’s a perfect time to contact us for an amazing and unforgettable night of fun with one (or more) of our gorgeous private strippers.

Even if it isn’t a birthday or bachelor party, sometimes you just need a great party idea for you and your friends. There are hundreds of reasons to get together for a party. But there are no good reasons to miss the opportunity of hiring our beautiful girls to make it an unforgettable success.

Maybe you aren’t necessarily looking for the full experience of private strippers, but you need a great way to spice up your event. One exceptional and unique option you might consider is hiring topless bartenders to wait on your guests. Imagine their delight and surprise, when they walk up to order their first drink!

Sometimes it just gets to be a bit much on these crazy streets. And if you’ve ever been to one, you know there are certainly a number of drawbacks to going to one of the big strip clubs in the area. 

They are expensive, they are packed with guys who always seem to want a dance with the same girl you do, you only get a limited amount of time, and there’s always some security guy staring you down, like he thinks you’re going to do something wrong. Because honestly a few bad apples spoils the bunch, and idiots in the past have ruined it for everyone. So instead of heading to one of those clubs, why wouldn’t you try the flexible pricing, convenience, and special attention of our girls instead? Contact us now. You’ll be glad you did.

You should choose us

How Does This Work?

We want to make this process easy for you by simply booking online or giving us a call and we send our girls directly to your room that same day or you can book for a party in advanced.

Will my significant other find out?

Here at PWS your privacy is our number one priority! All transactions done via online or over the phone will be processed under a different name and will not show up as PWS on bank statements.

What is the time frame ?

All of our parties last any where from 1 1/2 - 2 hours depending on how many lap dances the group is wanting from the dancers. If you are looking to book for a longer event please give us a call.


One of the great things about hiring a stripper for your private party is that you set the place. Your house, your hotel, whatever your wild heart desires. You don’t have to travel. 

It’s a lot more comfortable in your room than sitting in the “champagne room” with a door guy poking his fat, ugly head in every couple of minutes, while you’re trying to enjoy the affection of a beautiful girl.


At a strip club, you have an entire room full of guys trying to get the attention of the girl you’re interested in. You have to wait for your turn to get that private dance you’re looking for. And that’s if she even makes it back around and doesn’t get caught up with some guy willing to pay her more money.

 When you hire private strippers, you get their full attention for just you (or you and your fellow party goers.) If you’re in the mood for personalized attention, this is clearly the way to go. But don’t take our word for it. Try it out for yourself. Contact us to hire your own private dancers.

Specialized Fun

You know what else you don’t get at a strip club? Special requests. At the club, the girls have to entertain everyone else. So they can’t offer you the unique and specialized care and attention you want and deserve. When you hire our amazing entertainers, you can put in your special requests. What kind of special desires can these gorgeous girls fulfill for you?

Celebrating Occasions

In addition to the examples listed above, like bachelor parties and birthday parties, you might also consider other occasions that would certainly be made better with the addition of private dancers. Get creative. We’re talking about

Divorce Parties
Sports Parties
Triumphs and Successes at Work
Holiday Parties
Poker Parties
Annual Buddy Trips

This list could go on and on forever. Honestly there are very few situations that wouldn’t be made better with private dancers! Are we right?

New Experience

We’ve all probably been to strip clubs numerous times before. But if you’ve never tasted the excitement of your own private stripper, you really are missing out. 

This is your chance to try something that most people feel is the very best way to enjoy a dancer – in private, away from the clubs, paying attention to your needs and desires.

Better Environment

A lot of smart people have figured out that enjoying your dancers in your own environment is a lot more fulfilling than in your typical, crowded strip club. Even the “champagne room” isn’t private. 

And every minute you spend back there runs up your price substantially, in addition to the overpriced drinks you’re paying for, after you drop a bunch of cash on the cover charge. Instead, may we recommend hiring your own private stripper, in your own private space, for your own private entertainment?

Get the Stripper You Want

Want a certain kind of girl with a certain attitude? Maybe a specific style of clothing, music, hair color? You name it. Your wish is our command. In the clubs, you get what you get. Sure they’ve got a lot of girls. 

But they also have a massive club full of guys who want the same hot girl you do. With our service, there’s no waiting, no frustration, just the girl you requested knocking on your door to entertain you. Who do you want dancing for you? Let us know.


If discretion is important to you, we should be your next call. You know you don’t want the whole world knowing your business. 

That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the attention of beautiful girls dancing for your entertainment and desires. Let us fulfill your wishes today, with a private and discreet appointment with our girls.

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