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Give our team a call, 100% toll-free:  (702) 907-7711. Tell us what kinds of girls you’re into. We can help talk you through it.

  • We send photos of girls that are particularly your type.
  • Set up the time and location
  • We will accommodate almost all requests

SAfety and tips

Partying with strippers is probably the most fun thing you can possibly do in Vegas. What’s better than getting a private show in your own hotel room with your closest friends and some smoking hot naked females?!

  • All our girls have sheriffs cards
  • All our girls are over the age of 21
  • All our girls have a valid business license
How to stay safe hiring party strippers.

Whether booking with us or our competitors keep these 5 rules in mind.

Rule 1: Sheriff’s card

Having a sheriff’s card means that the girl had to go down to the police station and register as a dancer with the city.  She was fingerprinted, they ran a background check on her, and she did not have any felony convictions or other questionable issues on her record.

RULE #2: Be Aware

Keep a close eye on your drink at all times. Slipping drugs into drinks is one of the easiest ways for a cute little stripper to take advantage of a bigger guy.

RULE #3: Pocket Check

Make sure you still have all your room keys at the end. It’s very easy to lose track of room keys, and they’re often left out on the table. Go down to the front desk and request they change the lock… it only takes a minute to get a whole new set of key cards.

RULE #4: Properly Store Belongings

Keep your valuables in the hotel room safe, and NEVER open the safe while others are in the room. Con artists are known for watching when someone opens a safe, and memorizing the code.  Once they know the code, they can either drug you, wait til you fall asleep, or swipe a room key and come back later while you’re out partying.  It might sound like something out of a movie, but it happens literally every single day in Vegas.

RULE #5: Say no to tricks

If you are ever offered sex for money, kick the girl out and report her to the company who placed the ad. 

Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, but it’s completely legal in the next county over. (Nevada is the only state with legalized prostitution.)  So why risk getting arrested?

Prostitutes are also WAY more likely to be the types of girls who will rob you, or worse.

Finally, our company wants nothing to do with girls who offer sex for money. So please let us know!

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