las vegas stripping jobs

In room Security

We want you to feel protected and safe throughout the party, we have dedicated security that sits in the hotel room for the entirety of the party.

Private Parties = more $$

Tired of working all night at a gentleman's club and barely making a couple hundred dollars? Our packages are set up to maximize your profit in the shortest time possible.

Flexible schedule

You choose the parties you want to work. Once a party is booked we send out message via group chat to all of our girls. Whoever responds first gets the party.

how much do strippers make in Vegas

Make up to $400 with one party plus tips!!

You keep all of your tips! Each party package pays the dancers a equal flat rate with a minimum payout of $100 for just one hour, plus tips!

We Are Hiring Strippers Now!

Finally, positions open including female stripper jobs, become a female dancer, this is the place to begin your career as a stripper. However, if you need ideas… LADIES: Send in a simple video of you dancing. Anyone seeking stripping employment must fill out the exotic dancer application below.

How to Get Into Stripping Employment

What’s the deal, what age can you start stripping? Here in the US, topless or fully nude strippers must be a minimum of 18 years old. However, that age increases to 21 when alcohol is available at the same strip club.

Here at PWS you need to be at least 21 years old to dance. 

Sending In Your Best Exotic Dancer Application

You’ll be happy to know its not just your looks that determine how much money can you earn from stripping. The best two attributes for stripping is a positive attitude and being reliable. Your look does plays a part, but the right personality can make you MONEY.

Working For Other Stripper Agencies

PWS allows you to work independently, therefore you can work anywhere else. This is proof that PWS  wants you to make the most money you can. The only condition is you respect our business and reputation.

The only purpose of a ‘contract’ is to bully you. Agencies do not want you working for a top of line company like Party With Strippers!

Make 20-30% more with PWS because the customer is happy from the beginning. Dancers report other agencies set them up for failure because they have customers pick from fake photos. This also creates confusion and frustration at the door. Both the customer and the dancer feel cheated. 

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