How to talk to strippers

Until strip clubs somehow turn into a silent disco people are going to keep talking in them. With that, guys’s(yes I am talking to you) have this desire to try and get to know the stripper sitting on their lap.

What is a lap dance?

In Vegas, the next step up is the private dance room, behind closed doors. But for the price you pay to get in that little room for half an hour, I’m going to STRONGLY suggest you take my recommendation and hire a private stripper instead.

stripper party ideas

It should come as a no brainer when it is time to have strippers for your best friend’s bachelor party that you make these girls dress in all of the classic fantasy costumes that can make any man have a little drool dripping down the side of their chin.

Las Vegas Bachelor party Ideas

They’re hotter, sexier, wilder… ready and willing to incorporate your fantasies into their performance. The best part is, you don’t have to justify all of the extra expenditure of a private stripper like you would a club. It’s the single payment, and then you’re off into the wildest show of your life.