what happens in a private dance

Private Dances to songs

In strip clubs, private dances are always more expensive yet you get the same thing as if you never went to the “private area”. Here at Party With Strippers, we make sure you get a bigger bang for your buck when you get private dances. When you get a private dance with us it is in the bedroom with the door cracked and the girl gets fully nude and gives you a 3 song show all by yourself. 

I know for a fact strip clubs do not have beds for you to lay down and they definitely do not let their dancers get fully nude.

No Sex

Sorry gents, not going to happen. Although our dancers get fully nude for you and put you on a bed there is absolutely NO SEX to be had. That includes no oral sex, no masturbation(for either party), or touching of the privates. This is the law and we are going to abide by it. If you are looking to get more than just dances head to the next county over where it is legal.

a lot of physical contact

Even though sex is %10345 off of the table there is still a lot more touchy touchy with the girls. Before the dances start you should have a conversation with the dancer to see what is and isn’t allowed. This is the best way to make sure you both have a good time. 

more intense one-on-one sessions

This goes hand in hand with the last topic. Private dances naturally lead to a more intimate one-on-one session with our dancers. Typically, when you are out in front of other people you can feel awkward and not fully commit to the experience. Not with private dances, it is just you and her and no one else to break the connection. 

Fully Nude

Our private dances are %100 fully nude every time. I mean the girls may keep their socks on but that is about it. Strip clubs will never allow that to happen, how much better can it really get? Don’t answer that.

Touching is dependent on the dancer

Always have a conversation with our dancers before the private session starts. She will let you know how far you can go without breaking the laws. The girls like to be touched too, it helps them get into the dance more but, never go further than they like. So be the gentleman you are and ask her what she likes and doesn’t like. 

More Expensive

Naturally, with the dances being private it is going to cost you more. A typical lap dance can cost you $20 a song. When it comes to our private dances it cost $40 for one song or $100 for 3. Remember, these girls are fully nude in the privacy of your hotel room.

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