how much do you tip for a lap dance

How Much to Tip Dancers on Stage

When it comes to tipping dancers while they are on stage really depends on how much attention you are wanting from her. The most common type of tipping is one dollar but, I have personally seen guys throw five dollars all the way up to ten dollars. The more money you spend the more the dancer will be directly in front of you giving you her best show.

Tipping Lap Dancers

Lap dances are going to cost you more than stage dances. The typical Lap dance goes for around twenty dollars but can go as high as forty dollars. This all depends on the establishment you are in and what that specific dancer’s price tag is. But fear not twenty dollars is the appropriate amount for tipping after a lap dance is completed.

When to Tip for a Lap Dance

When it comes time to pay for your indulgence with your exotic dancer it really comes down to your preference. Most of the time you pay after the dance or dances are completed but, it is not uncommon to pay the dancer first. This comes down to your trust level with the dancer or just how you are as a person.

Other  Advice

tipping in small increments

When tipping for dance do your best to make sure you are tipping with the biggest bills possible. No one will enjoy being handed twenty singles to count and make sure it is all there. Every establishment will have ways for you to exchange smaller bills for larger bills. This makes it easy for both parties involved. 

The dancer doesn’t get the full tip

This simply will never happen, if you don’t pay the dancer their required amount be sure that security will make sure you are removed from the property. If you can afford to be at a strip club then do not go.

Think of tipping as a gratuity

When it comes to being in a strip club tipping should be looked at as a form of payment for services. However, when you are having strippers coming to your private event outside of a strip club tipping should be viewed as gratuity. The dancers coming to your private are being paid typically out of the cost of them being there but, if the girls are blowing your mind tip them. It will go a long way with them and will only make them keep wanting to give you a better show. 

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