Warning! Don’t Book a Las Vegas Stripper Party Until You Read This.

Hi! My name is Jennifer, and I’ve been working in the Las Vegas bachelor party / in-room nude show business for five years. That might not sound like a long time, but in this line of work, it makes me a seasoned veteran.

Las Vegas is a wild and crazy town… if you’re a tourist, you don’t even know the half of it. But the truth is, it can be a very dangerous town, too…

…that is, if you don’t know a few basic facts.

Now, live, in-room nude shows are without a doubt some of the best entertainment that money can buy in Vegas.

BUT, if you hire the wrong person, things can get VERY ugly, VERY fast. This is not an exaggeration. You could put yourself at risk of robbery, getting drugged, beaten, arrested or worse!

That’s why it’s important that you read this letter very carefully. Make sure you do everything right.

Don’t call a female stripper to your hotel room until you’ve read every word below!

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

First, I’m going to scare you about some of the potential dangers of hiring in-room entertainers from the wrong advertisement.

Then, I’ll give you a few safety guidelines to follow at all times while the girls are in your room.

Finally, I’ll explain why you’re better off ordering through me than any other company in Vegas… because my ladies are trustworthy, and they put on one hell of a show 

You probably noticed that this website is a little different. You see, I protect my customers, unlike most other services that are just looking for a one-time score…

You might be wondering why my site isn’t just filled with a bunch of fake photos with a simple headline that says “Call us! We get naked!” (I’m exaggerating, but not really…)

In fact, this IS an advertisement for an in-room strip show. And ours happens to be better than you could ever imagine.

You think you’ve seen strippers before? Our girls are so hot, it might leave you ripping up your plane ticket home, blissfully enjoying your first day as a brand new Las Vegas local. I’m talking EPIC, LIFE-CHANGING pussy…   

Sorry. I’m getting ahead of myself!

Back to the gameplan… I have three serious reasons why I educate my customers.

REASON #1) I’ve found that by teaching my customers just a few things ahead of time, we get twice as many referrals for future business. We also get less complaints online and better tips!

REASON #2) This may sound cheesy, but I really do feel bad that so many people get robbed and scammed in this town. So I like to partly think of it as just good karma 

REASON #3) Since we run a 100% legitimate business, it’s our way of defending ourselves against all the illegal operations we compete against. You’d be amazed at how many ads and websites advertise unlicensed women that don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. Those poor girls often end up arrested or worse.

Hopefully that all makes sense. Now, let’s get on to the scary part of the letter, so we can finally move on to the PARTYING…

First, I’m going to scare you with a couple of horror stories…

These stories aren’t meant to convince you not to hire an in-room strip show. In fact, it’s one of the greatest experiences you can have in Vegas. Hosting a custom show in the privacy of your own hotel room allows ladies to get MUCH wilder than they’re allowed to in the strip clubs.

You’d never see a girl-on-girl dildo show in a strip club, for instance… Sad, but true… 

BUT it is VERY important that you know the risks that come from hiring *any old stripper* instead of a professional operation with fully licensed female entertainers like ours.

Even many websites that look flashy and professional are often run by sketchy operators who will send just about anybody to your door!

Here are just a few of the scary problems you could run into by answering an online ad from a random company:

HORROR STORY #1: In 2009 alone, over $2 Million was stolen from Vegas hotel rooms in “trick rolls” where strippers and prostitutes robbed their clients…

HORROR STORY #2: You could end up with an underage girl showing up, which would put YOU at risk for taking advantage of a minor!

HORROR STORY #3: Hundreds of men are arrested in Vegas every year for soliciting prostitutes. Don’t make that mistake! (It’s a much easier mistake to make than you might think…)

Quote from the article:“In the John School classroom, [Officer] Shannon tells students about the number of men he’s found bewildered in their hotel rooms, drugged by a prostitute, only to wake up and find their wallets gone. Or the men he’s found beaten by a pimp who was waiting outside the room for the right time to burst in and steal something. Or the men he’s found dead.”

“But I am not ordering a prostitute,” you might be saying… “I’m just ordering strippers for a bachelor party!”

Well, the truth is many of these stripper advertisements are from the same girls who are posting in the escort section. You do not want ANYTHING to do with those girls… They make money however they can, and you REALLY do not want to accidentally hire the girl whose pimp will be waiting down the hall. Or the girl who the police are ready and waiting to bust on her next gig.

None of our girls work as escorts or prostitutes on the side. It’s a risk we’re not willing to take.

Scared Yet? GOOD. Now, here are the 5 Rules you should ALWAYS follow when you hire in-room entertainment…

RULE #1: Ask to see a sheriff’s card (work card) as soon as they arrive. If they can’t present one, do not let them in the door! Be sure to mention on the phone ahead of time that you’ll be asking to see one, so there are no surprises.

Here’s Why: Having a sheriff’s card means that the girl had to go down to the police station and register as a dancer with the city. She was fingerprinted, they ran a background check on her, and she did not have any felony convictions or other questionable issues on her record.

While it’s not technically illegal for a girl to perform an in-room show without one, every legitimate stripper who’s ever worked at a strip club has one.

Asking for this will immediately protect you from 2/3 of the con artists online.

All our girls have sheriff cards and will readily present them upon arrival, if requested.

RULE #2: Keep a close eye on your drink at all times.

Here’s Why: Slipping drugs into drinks is one of the easiest ways for a cute little stripper to take advantage of a bigger guy.

RULE #3: Make sure you still have all your room keys at the end.

Here’s Why: It’s very easy to lose track of room keys, and they’re often left out on the table. But if someone knows your room and has your key, it’s game over. If any keys go missing, there’s a simple fix. Go down to the front desk and request they change the lock… it only takes a minute to get a whole new set of key cards.

RULE #4: Keep your valuables in the hotel room safe, and NEVER open the safe while others are in the room.

Here’s Why: Many con artists will watch you open your safe and memorize the code. Once they know the code, they can either drug you, wait til you fall asleep, or swipe a room key and come back later while you’re out partying. It might sound like something out of a movie, but read the articles I linked to above. It happens literally every single day in Vegas.

RULE #5: If you are ever offered sex for money, kick the girl out and report her to the company who placed the ad.

Here’s Why: Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, but it’s completely legal in the next county over. (Nevada is the only state with legalized prostitution.) So why risk getting arrested?

Prostitutes are also WAY more likely to be the types of girls who will rob you, or worse.

Finally, our company wants nothing to do with girls who offer sex for money. So please let us know.

…And, that’s it. Whew. I know it was a lot of information, but hopefully you now understand why ordering from a legitimate company is a REALLY GOOD IDEA.

By the way … Did I mention that I find educated men VERY sexy? 

So now, (finally), let’s talk about tonight…

…about how you can have two (or three… or more…) of the hottest, dirty little college girls you have EVER SEEN show up at your hotel…

slide their mini thongs off…

take a few shots, lick each other up and down…

spread whipped cream all over…

pleasure themselves…

…and generally teach your bachelor a lesson he’ll never forget 

If that sounds like something you might be interested in…and I know for a fact that it is… then here’s what you are going to do right now:

STEP #1) Give me a call at my local number, 100% toll-free: (702) 907-7711

STEP #2) Tell me what kinds of girls you’re into. I can help talk you through it.

STEP #3) I’ll text you photos of girls that are particularly your type. These are REAL photos of the ACTUAL ladies who are available to show up TONIGHT. Not some random photos of random girls like most of the websites out there are trying to “catfish” you with. (That’s why we text them to you… so we can guarantee that the girls are currently on call, available within the hour.)

STEP #4) If you don’t like the photos I send, you can call another company. But based upon my two years’ experience here in Vegas, you WILL LOVE the way my girls look. They’re the absolute best that Vegas has to offer.

So what are you waiting for?

Call me  (702) 907-7711


P.S. We offer all types of fully nude, custom in-room shows…

  • Body Shots
  • Girl on Girl shows
  • Totally nude lap dances w/ full contact grinding
  • Whipped cream races
  • Lesbian toy shows
  • Party games
  • Topless hosting
  • 1-, 2-, 3-or-more-girl shows
  • Sexy outfits & costumes

For any occasion:

  • Bachelor party
  • Birthday party
  • Divorce party
  • Frat party
  • Guy’s night out

Call or text (702) 907-7711 right now. I’ll text you back updated photos of the smoking hot girls who are on call to arrive at your hotel within the hour 

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