can you touch strippers

Depends on the State, Venue, & Stripper

When it comes to touching a stripper it all boils down to three major things. The state you are in, the rules of the venue, and of course the stripper themselves.  

what states can you touch strippers

All of them!! Isn’t that great? Here would be some technical jargon for those you care for it. The Federal government does not have a Constitutional power that allows them to create laws over strip clubs. The 10th Amendment specifically gives that power to the states.


Every venue has its own rules when it comes to how physical you can be with the strippers. Be on the safe side and always just ask the dancer what you can do. Or just become a regular enough to know the basic strip etiquette.


Like I said earlier, ask your dancer what she allows and doesn’t allow, you can never go wrong with this option. Plus it scores you some serious brownie points.

can you touch strippers during a lap dance

This is where we really lay down the rules, everything we talked about earlier relates to this as well. Of course, you are going to want to touch the stripper while she is sensually dancing in front of you and on top of you but, you must respect the house and the dancer’s rules. Ask what she likes and doesn’t like, or start with something light and see how she reacts to it and go from there. Most of these strippers like being touched in some way or another, you just have to know what that is so you don’t get punched in the face by her or the bouncer.

where can you touch strippers

Rule of thumb is don’t touch the private areas of the dancers. This being her groin area and sometimes her breast. When it comes to touching the breast…ASK them or try running your hand up near them and see if she stops you and if she does don’t dot it twice. Respect them, this is their profession. 

Tips From Strippers

Here is a list of suggestions from the dancers themselves that they prefer you do for the best experience possible. 

-Phone Away

-no recording 

-Tip if you want to touch

-no licking or kissing 

-Don’t grab without permission

-respect the dancers

-No Sex

-don’t get too wasted 

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